Accommodation support

Assistance with personal care, household management, communication and social support as required to enable you to carry out the essential tasks of daily living in your home.

Community access support

Support to access community facilities and pursue recreational interests. We assist you to develop and maintain community networks and relationships. Warrina Services also offers a variety of group activities for young people.

Support Coordination

We can assist you to manage services if you have complex support needs. We will coordinate your support arrangements, work with co-providers to respond flexibly to changes in your life.

Life skills development

Individual programs and activities assist you to learn to cook, budget, use local services, increase your confidence through public speaking or artistic expression and attain pre-vocational skills such as numeracy, literacy and social skills.

Mental health support

We provide a range of community based recovery services to assist you to live a life of your choice. We also provide support for families and carers.

Respite services

Ongoing assistance to Carers and family members and critical situations to prevent breakdown of the family unit.

Brokerage arrangements

We can support you if you have temporarily relocated to the Darling Downs, so you can continue to access supports while away from home. We will work with your funded agency to maintain your quality of life.

Fee for service

Warrina Services is able to respond to the needs of people and families in the community who require assistance. We provide all services at a reasonable cost that is accessible to people on low incomes.